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2 years ago

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It was a nice sunny holiday Monday and my wife and I decided it was too good to waste seeing another repeat of a James Bond movie ! That was then, as we are in the green mantle of chestnut, elm and oak and wonder how it has come to the fork in the rough gravel road. In the left and slightly uphill looked pretty sloppy and unused, on the right side of the tubetrooper obvious route was slightly downhill and well spent. So, naturally, we took the road less obvious, since this was probably even more interesting - and so, though not in the way expected. , and to hide the constant background noise of distant traffic and passed through the forest sounds seemed louder, singing and flutter of the birds in the trees, an occasional emotion in the understory, as a small animal slipped away from us and the constant gentle breeze makes the branches slight fluctuations in the breeze above. Sunlight filtered in green but is an occasional shaft of sunlight broke through to a fairy tale atmosphere disappeared, the seeds came through the air, and then increases as they moved to and from the rays of the sun was setting . Finally died on the road and the land was flat and formed into a carpet of leaves in the fall of last year to walk, the trees look around here and the cover sheet was thicker than less sunlight penetrating through the upper canopy. Although the road was gone, we sat through the forest at dusk, when the road seemed to go through the spacing of tubetrooper the trees. It was then that tubetrooper we learned, gentlemen raised voices, not in anger, but in the humor, it seemed there was laughter in the midst of the screams. I looked at my tubetrooper wife and she looked at me and without saying a word, that, far from the path through the trees and the edge slowly toward the voices. The men were in tubetrooper front tubetrooper of a bright tubetrooper sun, and moved closer and then slipped behind the fallen loga giant oak. The bark was wet and rotten in places, but the smell was aromatic and pleasant and the ground was soft and mossy. I looked over the top of the tree, and I will never forget the scene that met my eyes. There were five men in the clearing, I saw four in their teens and early twenties, while the fourth was a man of about fifty, I suppose. Discreet, you might think, unless the man was naked and tied with ropes around its center in the trunk of an oak tree on the edge of the clearing. But it was this man and his situation, that was so memorable. Tied to a tree trunk until it hides behind a woman. He was also in her fifties and she was naked. It was tied to her back and her legs were open, ankle, apparently related to the game, but in reality the small trees had been tubetrooper cut and it is inserted. Her arms were pulled back and tied his wrists and ankles, and two more were cut seedlings. She had a beautifulBody, despite its age. He was exposed pussy, unshaven and although they were parted lips and I could see it shining wetly even remotely, where they have hidden. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and slightly reddish brown, like it was dyed the same color as the hair on the head. His legs were thin, rounded down her thighs, but not enough. Her breasts had to be stretched and looked full, the nipples were large and seemed to thrill and erect signage. I noticed tubetrooper she was wearing a bandage on the eyes - it actually looked like a pair of black underwear. Although tubetrooper it was tied she did not seem to be safe in an emergency. In fact, although I am aware, moaning, it was clearly the result of man's hand moving over her body, and when he approached her pussy each time he lifted his leg, clearly desperate attempts to get her pussy their hands. The man does not seem so funny though. Despite a fair ifzed erection, licking, seemed very sad it was one of the o
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